France Etuves XU Series – Spare Components

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France Etuves410442PT100 Temperature Probe54.44Order
France Etuves411131Solid State Relay 50amp65.56Order
France Etuves410481Heatsink21.11Order
France Etuves410487Keypad Overlay for C3000 Digital Controller53.33Order
France Etuves410594Safety Thermostat42.22Order
France Etuves430663Handle Assembly54.44Order
France Etuves440218Fan Motor 1.2amp XU343 to XU980248.89Order
France Etuves440230Small Fan Motor XU032 to XU225128.89Order
France Etuves480208Safety Fuse 16A3.33Order
France Etuves480635Safety Fuse 25A3.33Order
France Etuves481221On/Off Switch31.11Order
France Etuves482670Contactor 12A/25A 31.11Order
France Etuves482671Contactor 18A/25A XU343>48.89Order
France Etuves482690Power Lead Relay to C300031.11Order
France Etuves482697Step Down Module - Speed Variator42.22Order
France Etuves411281C3000 Digital Controller247.50Order
France Etuves440237Turbine (Internal Fan Blade) XU343 to XU98097.78Order
France Etuves XU032

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