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France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL

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The internal sheets are made of electrogalvanized steel. The external sheets are also made of electrogalvanized steel coated with white and blue epoxy paints.

Insulation is constituted with glass wool. The optimized insulation and no thermal bridge between the inner and outer casings enable to minimize heat losses, to speed heating-up and to reduce surface temperatures. This allows an excellent thermal stability and a power consumption decrease.

Up to the XXL02.7 model, ovens have a single door, hinges to the right. From the XXL03 model, ovens have a double-leaf door with an inner handle allowing an operator that has been accidently shut up in the oven to free.

All control devices are located on the left side of the oven.

You can pass different cables and probes through a Ø 20 mm access port with silicone cork located on the left side.

The XXL ovens have been designed for a loading with trolley. The floor is a front-beveled thin sheet allowing an easy access.

Large Industrial Oven XXL03

XXL industrial ovens are designed for easy loading of your products, no weight limit!

For all application of curing, polymerization, coating, preheating, heating, drying, vitrification, stabilization… on all types of products : prepregs, free-solvent paints and glues, molds, tools, glasses, compact powders, resins, metallic parts, electronic parts, elastomer… in any type of industrial environments.

Max temperature : 200°C / 300°C (option)

9 sizes : 1000, 1500, 1800, 2700, 3000, 4500, 8000, 12000, 15000 liters.

Large Industrial Oven XXL01 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL01
France Etuves XXL01.5 specs
Large Industrial Oven XXL01.5
France Etuves XXL01.8 specs
Large Industrial Oven XXL01.8
France Etuves XXL02.7 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL02.7
France Etuves XXL03 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL03
France Etuves XXL04.5 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL04.5
France Etuves XXL08 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL08
France Etuves XXL12 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL12
France Etuves XXL15 specs
France Etuves Large Industrial Oven XXL15

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