Ohaus Defender 5000 Standard Bench Scales

Multifunctional Bench Scale for Standard Industrial Applications

  • See results clearly on the large backlit display. The alpha-numeric keypad and function keys allow for a simplified user experience. On-screen prompts and soft keys will guide you through the operation.
  • Durably constructed with a stainless steel platform, sand gray powdercoated steel frame and aluminum load cell, the Defender meets OIML/EC type approvals.
  • Features common industrial modes and supports a 50,000 item library and 1,000 user profiles which can be downloaded/uploaded for easy set-up (with SD Card.) Also equipped with GLP/GMP output capability with time/date for result traceability. Alibi memory available.

Application: Basic weighing, Percent weighing, Piece counting with optimised APW, Animal weighing/Dynamic weighing, Check weighing

Display: Dot matrix LCD with white LED backlight, 256 x 80 pixels

Operation: 100-240 VAC / 50/60 Hz Universal Power Supply, hardwired, rechargeable lithium battery (Optional)

Communication: Results can be stored in the MicroSD card. Data output by built-in RS232 or optional interfaces including 2nd RS232/485/USB Device, Ethernet, WiFi, Analog Output and Discrete I/O with relays

Construction: ABS plastic, 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz internal universal power supply – Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with 20 hour standard continuous use (optional), non-slip adjustable rubber feet, a Wheel Kit option is also available for scales up to 300 kg

Design Features: User-configurable resolution up to dual range 15,000d/3,000e, 150% overload capacity protection, checkweighing symbols with selectable operation and audible signal settings, menu lock switch, multiple selectable operating languages, selectable environmental and auto-print settings, stability indicator, overload/underload indicators, selectable adjust contrast settings, auto-dim display, auto-off, auto tare

NMI Pending

ModelCapacityTrade Approved ReadabilityNon-Trade ReadabilityPlatform Size
D52P6RQDR1 3/6 kg1/2 g0.2/0.5 g305 x 305 mm
D52P15RQDR1 6/15 kg2/5 g0.5/1 g305 x 305 mm
D52P15RTDR16/15 kg2/5 g0.5/1 g305 × 355 mm
D52P30RTDR1 15/30 kg5/10 g1/2 g305 × 355 mm
D52P60RTDR1 30/60 kg10/20 g2/5 g305 × 355 mm
D52P15RQDL26/15 kg2/5 g5/10 g400 x 400 mm
D52P30RQDL215/30 kg5/10 g1/2 g400 x 400 mm
D52P60RQDL230/60 kg10/20 g2/5 g400 × 400 mm
D52P60RTDL230/60 kg10/20 g2/5 g400 × 500 mm
D52P150RTDL2 60/150 kg20/50 g5/10 g400 × 500 mm
D52P60RQDX230/60 kg10/20 g2/5 g500 × 500 mm
D52P150RQDX260/150 kg20/50 g5/10 g500 × 500 mm
D52P60RQDV330/60 kg10/20 g2/5 g610 × 610 mm
D52P150RQDV360/150 kg20/50 g5/10 g610 × 610 mm
D52P300RQDV3 150/300 kg50/100 g10/20 g610 × 610 mm
D52P150RTDV360/150 kg20/50 g5/10 g600 × 800 mm
D52P300RTDV3150/300 kg50/100 g10/20 g600 × 800 mm
D52P600RTDV3300/600 kg100/200 g20/50 g600 × 800 mm
AccessoriesItem No.
Battery Kit, Li-ion, TD5230424405
USB Host for Dongle, TD5230424406
Light Tower, R-Y-G, IP65, 24 VDC30424021
In-use Cover Kit, TD52P30424022
In-use Cover set (10), TD52P30469948
Printer Holder Kit, D5230424025
Wall Mount Kit, CS, TD52P30424027
LC Extension Cable, 9 meters, D52130424409
M16 Gland with Ferrite, to TD5230379716
Micro SD Card, 8G30303533
3Analog Output Kit, TD52330424403
Second RS232/RS485/USB Kit, TD523 30424404
I/O with Relay (2 In/4 Out)330097591
WiFi/BT Dongle, OHAUS2 (Requires 30424406)30412537
Ethernet Kit, D52230429666
Wheel Kit, Defender Series130372146
Printer SF40A30045641

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