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Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of testing/quality control measurement equipment for the construction industry.

Vtech-MTE offer a full range of Troxler products, including (but not limited to) those listed below.

We deliver Australia-wide and have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the nation.

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Vtech is a NATA Accredited Laboratory for the Calibration of Nuclear Moisture Density Gauges

– ISO 17025

– NATA Accreditation No. 20150​​

– A WIDER density testing range than most calibrators offer:

Accredited Range: 1.441 t/m3 to 2.721 t/m3

Troxler Field Equipment

Moitor200 Survey Meter

Monitor200 Survey Meter

This Radiation Survey Meter serves as an inexpensive way to fulfill survey requirements for an ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) program. (Replaced TroxAlert)

Troxler 3430P/3440P

The simplest and most economical gauge offered by Troxler.

Troxler 3450 RoadReader Density Gauge

Troxler 3450

The RoadReader 3450 Thin Layer & Full Depth Density Gauge is the most versatile moisture density gauge ever produced.

Troxler 4640B Density Gauge

Troxler 4640-B 

Accurately measures the thin overlay density without influence from underlying material.

Troxler 2701B PaveTracker Plus

Troxler 2701-B Plus

An electromagnetic density indication device for asphalt quality control measurements.

“The Vtech team are the premier calibration entity in Australia in my opinion. We have used others in the past and received what we thought was excellent service, but compared to what Neil and his team offer,  they are not even close. We will continue to utilize Neil and his team for as long as they will put up with us moving forwards.”

Grahame / QualTech TAS

Troxler Gauge Calibrations, Repairs, & Related Services


We supply new Troxler Gauges and offer ongoing support for these premium nuclear moisture density gauges.

Troxler Gauge Service, Repair, Calibration

Troxler Lab Equipment

Troxler 5945 Wheel Tracker

Wheel Trackers

The WheelTracker is manufactured out of about 93 percent stainless steel and it is used to test the wearability and water damage potential of asphalt mixes.

Troxler 5850 Gyratory Compactor

Gyratory Compactors

The most advanced, easiest to use gyratory compactor on the market today. Completely redesigned with improved electronics, a hydraulic motor, and software-adjustable angle of gyration, the durable 5850 will consistently stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab.

Troxler Ignition Oven ICO NCAT

Ignition Oven ICO

The Fastest Burns in the Industry.
Complete, Clean Burns—Every Time

Troxler ADU Model 5151 Automatic Drying Unit

Auto Drying Unit

The Automatic Drying Unit (ADU) provides a rapid drying method for compacted asphalt road cores that come from the jobsite wet and must be quickly analyzed for density. 

Troxler MMS 3630

Asphalt Plant Moisture Measurement System

Measures Moisture Content as the Aggregate Moves Through the Plant.


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Troxler Gauge Repair

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