PR Series

Designed for Routine Weighing Applications

  • The PR is equipped with 3 essential weighing modes, RS-232 connectivity for data transfer and storage, and internal calibration (in select models), making it ideal for routine weighing applications.
  • Equipped with an easy-to-read, bright backlit display and a simple user interface, the PR is incredibly easy to operate, with almost no training required.
  • The PR’s small footprint saves desktop space while providing a large weighing surface. The PR is durably constructed and features a stainless steel pan to withstand day-to-day use in the workplace.

Application: Basic Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing

Display: Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)

Operation: AC adapter (included)

Communication: RS-232 port (standard), USB or Ethernet (via an interface kit)

Construction: ABS housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield (milligram models only), weigh below hook, security lock interface, LFT lockout switch

Design Features: User-selectable environmental filters and brightness settings, auto-tare, auto-dim, user-selectable span calibration points, software lockout and reset menu, userselectable communication settings and data print options, software overload/underload indicator, stability indicator

ModelInCalCapacityReadabilityPan SizePriceOrder
PR124120 g0.1 mgØ 90 mm$1,925.00Order
PR124/E 120 g0.1 mgØ 90 mm$1,697.00Order
PR224220 g0.1 mgØ 90 mm$1,799.00Order
PR224/E 220 g0.1 mgØ 90 mm$1,713.00Order
PR423/E420 g1 mgØ 120 mm$1,234.00Order
PR523/E520 g1 mgØ 120 mm$1,257.00Order
PR1602/E1600 g0.01 gØ 180 mm$935.00Order
PR2202/E2200 g0.01 gØ 180 mm$1,037.00Order
PR4202/E4200 g0.01 gØ 180 mm$1,234.00Order
PR4201/E4200 g0.1 gØ 180 mm$849.00Order
PR6201/E6200 g0.1 gØ 180 mm$927.00Order
AccessoriesItem No.PriceOrder
Auxiliary Display PAD730472064150Order
Density Kit80253384635Order
Sinker Glass for Density Determination83034024310Order
USB Interface Cable8302108540Order
Security Device, MB, PX, PR, AX, EX80850043375Order
RS232 Cable (25-pin)8050052465Order
RS232 Cable (9-pin)8050052565Order
Dust Cover3009333430Order
In-use Cover 3037254640Order
Printer SF40A30045641620Order

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