Scout Jewellery (SJX)

A Dynamic Weighing Experience with the Next Generation of OHAUS Carat and Gold Portable Balances


  • Slim design with LCD and connectivity options for a user-friendly experience.
  • Manual internal calibration allows easy calibration.
  • Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results.
  • Superior overload protection for increased durability.

Application: Weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, checkweighing, totalisation, density determination, display hold

Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight

Operation: AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)

Communication: RS232, USB host, USB device or ethernet (available as an accessory)

Construction: ABS housing and stainless steel pan

Design Features: Stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, auto tare, scoop on 64g model, weight on 64g SJX/E model only

ModelInternal CalExternal CalCapacityReadabilityPan SizePriceOrder
SJX323·320 ct (64 g)0.005 ct (0.001 g)Ø 93mm$786.00Order
SJX323/E·320 ct (64 g)0.005 ct (0.001 g)Ø 93mm$731.00Order
SJX322/E·320 g0.01 gØ 120 mm$636.00Order
SJX622·620 g0.01 gØ 120 mm$833.00Order
SJX622/E·620 g0.01 gØ 120 mm$691.00Order
SJX1502·1500 g0.01 g170 × 140 mm$880.00Order
SJX1502/E·1500 g0.01 g170 × 140 mm$786.00
SJX621/E·620 g0.1 g170 × 140 mm$550.00Order
SJX3201/E·3200 g0.1 g170 × 140 mm$636.00
SJX6201·6200 g0.1 g170 × 140 mm$833.00Order
SJX6201/E·6200 g0.1 g170 × 140 mm$668.00Order
SJX8200/E·8200 g1 g 170 × 140 mm$495.00Order
AccessoriesItem No.PricePlace Order
RS232 Interface Kit30268982120Order
USB Host Interface Kit30268983205Order
USB Device Interface Kit30268984145Order
Ethernet Interface Kit30268986270Order
Stacking & Storage Cover, set (6)3026898790Order
Stacking & Storage Cover, set (1)3026898825Order
Printer, Impact, SF40A30045641620Order
Auxiliary Display Kit30269019295Order
Security Device80850043375Order
Carrying Case30269021170Order
In-use Cover3026902240Order

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