Troxler 3430 / 3440

RoadReader Model 3430 & 3440 Moisture Density Gauge

The Troxler nuclear moisture density gauges are used by many contractors, engineers, and highway departments for compaction control of soil aggregate, concrete, and full depth asphalt. The gauges meet or exceed the ASTM standards D6938, D2950, and C1040. The operator selects the density measurement mode, backscatter, or direct transmission based on the material type and the thickness of the layer being measured.

These updated gauges offer new standard features and many optional new features. The owner can customize the gauge to meet their testing needs.

Troxler 3430 Plus

The Model 3430 is the simplest and most economical gauge offered by Troxler.

This gauge offers many features, including:

  • Improved operation and reliability with updated electronics
  • Fast recharge with NiMH batteries
  • Easier to read in all lighting situations with an enlarged backlit display screen – 8mm characters

Optional features for the Model 3430 include:

  • Remote start keypad near the handle
  • Alkaline batteries for backup use
  • External beeper
  • Software, keypad, and manual in Spanish and French
  • Data storage
  • USB port
Troxler 3440 Plus

The Model 3440 is for users who want user-friendly features.

Along with the standard features provided in the Model 3430, the Model 3440 provides additional features including:

  • Automatic depth function
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Data storage (1000 readings)
  • Alkaline battery backup

Optional features offered for the Model 3440 include:

  • GPS location
  • Remote start keypad near the handle
  • Backlit keypad
  • External beeper
  • Software, keypad, and manual in Spanish and French

Both models offer:

  • Density measurement capability in backscatter or direct transmission mode
  • Moisture measurement in backscatter mode to allow quick, non-destructive testing of soil, asphalt and concrete materials
  • Direct readout of test results (wet density, dry density, moisture, % moisture, % voids, and % compaction)
  • Multiple count time options (15 seconds, 1 minute, 4 minutes)
  • User-friendly menus and keypads
  • Options of 12”/2”, 12”/1” and 8”/2” depth measurement capability
  • 18 month warranty

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