Asphalt Ignition Ovens

The Fastest Burns in the Industry
Complete, Clean Burns—Every Time

Simple to Use
Just follow these five easy steps: (1) heat the asphalt sample, (2) weigh the sample and divide it across two sample baskets, (3) enter the sample mass, (4) place the baskets in the chamber, and (5) close the door and press a button to begin the test.

Extremely fast warm-up (only twenty minutes) and recovery times ensure quick, complete burns. The typical burn time for a 1200 gram sample is twenty minutes or less (at 240 VAC).

Instant Results
An integrated weighing system continuously measures the bituminous loss during combustion, and the oven displays the percent of asphalt in the mix when the burn is complete. You can then sieve the remaining aggregate for gradation analysis.

ASTM and AASHTO Compliant
The oven uses the NCAT ignition method and fully meets and complies with ASTM D6307 and AASHTO T 308.

Superior Serviceability
Maintenance is simple and straightforward. Removable panels allow easy access to all components and assemblies.

Additional Features

  • A small footprint makes the oven portable and ideal for onsite labs.
  • The unit’s sturdy construction includes an unbreakable steel hearth plate.
  • You can use up to three nested sample baskets for high mass samples.
  • Low emissions eliminate the need for an afterburner or filters.
  • No solvents are necessary.
  • An internal printer provides a permanent copy of your data. Short form and long form are selectable options. Autoprint can be turned on or off.
  • Upgradeable software
  • Fully assembled upon delivery
Troxler Ignition Oven ICO NCAT

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