Troxler 3450 

The RoadReader 3450 Thin Layer & Full Depth Density Gauge

The RoadReader 3450 Thin Layer & Full Depth Density Gauge is the most versatile moisture density gauge ever produced. It combines the measurement modes proven in thousands of Troxler 3400 series gauges with a patented method for true thin layer asphalt and concrete bridge deck overlay density measurement.

By combining thin layer and full depth measuring capabilities in one instrument, the RoadReader 3450 is our flagship gauge in the 3400 series. With its versatility, speed, and economy, the RoadReader Plus is designed to satisfy your compaction control needs at every stage of your project.

Easy Operation and Quick Measurements 

The RoadReader is simple to use. An expanded keypad and easy-to-follow prompts provide access to all major gauge functions. It also provides both density and moisture measurements without time-consuming calculations, including wet density, dry density, moisture, percent moisture, percent compaction, percent voids, and percent air voids. 

Additional Features

  • A backlit screen provides exceptional viewing for low-light and nighttime testing.
  • An adjustable beeper signals test completion over the roar of traffic or heavy equipment. 
  • The gauge stores up to 1,000 test readings under multiple projects for future use and/or download.
  • The free Troxler App makes data transfer to a portable device simple.

Like all 3400 series gauges, the Model 3450 meets ASTM Standard Test Methods D6938, D2950, C1040, and also AASHTO T 310 and T 355.

Troxler 3450 RoadReader Density Gauge


In addition to all the features found on the Models 3430 and 3440, the RoadReader 3450 Thin Layer & Full Depth Density Gauge gives you these additional features:

  • Covers all density and moisture measurement needs
  • Measures thin layer asphalt, full depth asphalt, soil, and aggregates
  • Runs on quick charge NiCad batteries or alkaline batteries
  • Sleep mode allows the gauge to conserve power when not in use
  • Adjustable beeper can be heard over traffic and equipment
  • Stores up to 1,000 test results
  • Backlit display allows for nighttime use
  • An alphabetical keypad allows you to enter notes for each project
  • An 18-month warranty

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