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France Etuves Vacuum Oven – High Vacuum XFH

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N044 : Vacuum oven, 10-6 mbar range
Max temperature : 200°C

– electromagnetic closure
– Subframe with castors
– additional thermostat with reset
– Viton seal
– 2 heating plates
– ISO8 cleanroom compatible
– Dry primary pump + Turbo molecular pump with controller
– 3-color light + buzzer
– Electro polished Inox304 inner casing
– Compressed air reserve for power cut / compressed air cut safety

FE3000 supervision system :
Product monitoring, security to prevent overheating of the product. Acquisition of all parameters : Pressures, set temperature, temperature measurement of trays, walls, products. Audit report. Control through network.

France Etuves N044-xfh

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