Pioneer Precision

The Economical Choice for Everyday Weighing

  • The PX offers high accuracy and repeatability for essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial and education settings at an economical price point.
  • Featuring a cast metal lower housing, sub-pan and stainless steel weighing pan, the PX is durably constructed for versatile, long-term use.
  • The PX features a second line display for additional information or guidance, a static removal bar for convenient grounding, and USB and RS232 connectivity for easy communication

Application: Basic Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Animal Weighing, Density Determination

Display: Back-lit

Operation: AC adapter (included)

Communication: RS232 (included) and USB

Construction: Metal base, plastic top housing, removable stainless steel pan, removable glass draftshield or side doors

Design Features: Real Time Clock with GLP/GMP Data, integrated weigh-below-hook, security bracket, calibration lock and in-use cover, user-selectable environmental filters and brightness settings, auto-tare, auto-dim, user-selectable span calibration points, overload indicator, software lockout and reset menu, userselectable communication settings and data print options, user-definable project and user IDs, software overload/underload indicator, stability indicator, four operating languages

ModelInCalDraft ShieldCapacityReadabilityPan SizePriceOrder
PX223/E220 g1 mg Ø 120 mm991.45Order
PX223220 g1 mg Ø 120 mm1,175.21Order
PX423/E420 g1 mg Ø 120 mm1,235.04Order
PX423420 g1 mg Ø 120 mm1,324.79Order
PX523/E520 g1 mg Ø 180 mm1,418.80Order
PX523520 g1 mg Ø 180 mm1,602.56Order
PX2202/E2200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,192.31Order
PX22022200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,341.88Order
PX3202/E3200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,286.32Order
PX32023200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,435.90Order
PX4202/E4200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,376.07Order
PX42024200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,525.64Order
PX5202/E5200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,470.09Order
PX52025200 g0.01 g Ø 180 mm1,619.66Order
PX2201/E2200 g0.1 g Ø 180 mm858.97Order
PX22012200 g0.1 g Ø 180 mm1,175.21Order
PX4201/E4200 g0.1 g Ø 180 mm923.08Order
PX42014200 g0.1 g Ø 180 mm1,269.23Order
PX6201/E6200 g0.1 g Ø 180 mm991.45Order
PX8201/E8200 g0.1 g Ø 180 mm1,012.82Order

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AccessoriesItem No.PriceOrder
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Printer, Impact, SF40A30045641620Order
Auxiliary Display, PAD7, PA AX EX80251396155Order
Density Kit, Solids80253384635Order
Cable, 25 Pin-9 Pin, PC-TxxP8050052465Order
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger8050052565Order
Security Device, MB, PX, AX, EX80850043375Order
In-use Cover 3037254640Order