Ohaus Valor 4000 Food Scale

Legal for Trade Food Scale That Enhances Efficiency in Harsh Environments

  • Food-safe washdown design, Valor 4000 meets or exceeds most demanding commercial applications in dry or wet environments.
  • Touchless sensors combined with a half second stabilisation time, as well as checkweighing and percent weighing modes, increase productivity without sacrificing accuracy
  • Safe to use in wet environments, Valor 4000’s flow-thru design ensures the scale remains clean and operational and its knife resistant keypad makes the scale more durable

Application: Weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing, accumulation

Display: Large dual red LED display: 20.5 mm digits

Operation: AC adapter (included) or rechargeable battery (included)

Communication: N/A

Construction: ABS housing with stainless steel platform (PW), stainless steel housing and platform (XW), illuminated up-front level indicator, rear touchless sensor

Design Features: Auto-close power jack cover, menu and mode setup navigation prompts on keys, and transportation handle. IP88

NMI Approval 6/9C/283

ModelCapacityTrade Approved ReadabilityNon Trade ReadabilityPlatformPriceOrder
V41PWE1501T1.5 kg0.5 g0.2 g190 mm x 242 mm$479.00Order
V41PWE3T3 kg1 g0.5 g190 mm x 242 mm$479.00Order
V41PWE6T6 kg2 g1 g190 mm x 242 mm$479.00Order
V41PWE15T15 kg5 g2 g190 mm x 242 mm$479.00Order
V41XWE1501T1.5 kg0.5 g0.2 g190 mm x 242 mm$589.00Order
V41XWE3T3 kg1 g 0.5 g190 mm x 242 mm$589.00Order
V41XWE6T6 kg2 g1 g190 mm x 242 mm$589.00Order
V41XWE15T15 kg5 g2 g190 mm x 242 mm$589.00Order

T = Dual Display

Valor 2000 – Non Trade

ModelCapacityTrade Approved ReadabilityNon Trade Readabil-PlatformPriceOrder
V22PWE30T30 kgN/A5 g190 × 242 mm$456.00Order
V22XWE30T30 kgN/A5 g190 × 242 mm$581.00Order

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